SMS Alarm System



For many years, the people in the Vietnam market has known GSM/ 3G Modem with a function most commonly that is SMS marketing. However, GSM/ 3G Modem has a lot of useful application that brings a lot of benefit to the users such as alert massage system…

1. Applications of SMS Alarm System

A solution made in VietNam by a leading compnay in the field of GSM/ 3G applications

Alarm system is connected to the SMS system via GSM/ 3G

When has theft alarm the system will send instant messages with more than 5 mobile phone numbers

Massage content can be changed easily

Accessing to change or programe that have to sercure: must have password when access to control the massage.

Using the 12V DC source.

May use in security alarm application: theft alarm, fire alarm, failure power alarm…

2. Features:

Power supply

+ 15V/ + 24V DC

Power consumption



220mm x 300mm


-20 C -> 50 C


GSM 900/1800/1900


06 Led status


06 in/ 06 out

3. System model

GSM Modem: Use GSM module to connect directly on main board.

Relay system: turn on/off the device when has incident

Sensor: include temperature sensor, moving, rapid temperature change

Processing central: processing the signals sent back from the sensors then replay circuit to disconect the loop and activate the GSM modem to send a message to the managers reported the incident location.