Vending Solutions by SMS


I. Requirement

HC has a request of deployment GSM technology for delivery activities including using a hand phone fixed in vehicle and installed a software in the hand phone with the feature that could be reported delivery event by SMS sending to a computer center then sending to existing CDS system or exporting to MS.Excel format for other processes.

GSM system required after finish of installation must let driver controls hand phone to update the actual delivery event to the computer centrer system.

Person in charge in the office would review real vehicle(s) activities easily integrated with CDS.

Chatting between delivery staff and office staff with fast action and low cost.

II. Solution

Based on ADA’s deployment ability and Holcim request, we would propose to implement applying GSM technology in selling delivery management with the solution as bellows:

- Hand Phone: Nokia Serial 40, Java supported, GSM/GPRS 900/1800

- Installed Java software: Reporting SMS event activities via menu command and fixed in vehicle

- Setting a GSM modem attached to a computer center to receive SMS, and send sms to the hand phone.

- Computer center: Installed a SMS Gateway software

  1. To read from GSM modem to get a event SMS code
  2. Then logged to database and transfer to CDS for other related reports
  3. To send to GSM modem to chat to the driver for communication

Data Flow and equipment Connection Solution:


Driver confirms the actual delivery situation via a menu system installed in a hand phone fixed in the vehicle. This program will send a status short message service (SMS) to the center, the GSM modem will catches the SMS and read by SMS gateway, put to database a records then report or synchronize to CDS

All event delivery will be integrated to hand phone as a optional menu on screen, the user (Driver) just clicks select the item/menu, SMS will be issued to the SMS center. Including: Leaving plant, arriving delivery site, starting pouring (delivering), finishing of delivery, arriving plant, traffic jam report, vehicle broke down

Time frame






System analyzing

2 days



Java Software in hand phone

Menu Optional tasks:

- Leave Plant

- Arrive site

- Start pouring

- Finish pouring/ return

- Arrive plant

- Traffic Jam

- Vehi broke down

5 days



SMS Gateway Center

- GSM Modem configuration

- Receiving SMS module

- Sending SMS module

- Outgoing SMS report

- Incoming SMS report

- SMS analyzing and logging module

- CDS open connection module

10 days



Synchronizing to CDS module

4 days



Function and logical test

1 day




5 days



25 working days

Human arrangement:

- 01 Project Manager

- 02 Coders

- 01 Tester